“Immediate Job opportunity for Delivery boys” 

Job Type: Permanent/Temporary

Work hours: 1PM -10PM

Payment: Monthly salary Rs.10000-12000/-

Role: Packing & Delivery Workers

Company Name: Planterscart


We are an Agritech company dealing with B2B online vegetable supplies.

We are hiring young and energetic Delivery Boys for supplying goods to our retailers.

Should be attentive enough to perform more task than they are expected to do which is simply transporting items from one place to another.

Selected candidates should accompany our delivery vehicle and deliver goods in retail stores, hotels and restaurants.


Responsibilities and Duties

The responsibility of a Delivery boy is segmented into 3 parts such as the tasks which they need to carry out before the delivery, during the delivery and lastly after the delivery is done.

 Before Delivery

  • Need to have skills to navigate and identify exact spots based on Google map locations.
  • Along with driver, plan their route beforehand so that they deliver those items on time efficiently.
  • With the help of driver, Pack, load and organize every product in the vehicle according to the destinations they prioritize first.
  • Arrange vegetables in such a manner that the quality of the all vegetables is safe.
  • Verify each product and ensure that you have every item stocked up for delivery.

While Delivery

  • Delivery of goods at the designated address
  • Able to note down returns, recalculate bills based on returns and collecting the right amount of payment from the customers.
  • Acquire the signature of the customer as an acknowledgment for zero damage and on time delivery.
  • Ensuring that all delivery crates are properly collected from each customer.
  • Updating the pending crates and amount information in of both customer and his delivery note copies.

After Delivery

Handing over the below to warehouse supervisor

  • All crates and amounts collected from retailers
  • Information about retailer specific pending crates and amounts


work: 1 year (Preferred)



  • Candidate can be a degree holder/12th pass/10th pass
  • Candidate should be able to read / understand Basic English.

 Other requirements:

  • Own 2 Wheeler preferred.
  • Owning an Android Phone (4.4.2 & above) is must

డెలివరీ బాయ్స్ గా పని చేయడానికి వెంటనే అభ్యర్ధులు కావలెను


మేము మా రిటైలర్లకు కూరగాయలను  సప్లై చేయడానికి యువ మరియు శక్తివంతమైన డెలివరీ బాయ్స్ ను నియామకం చేస్తున్నాము.

అభ్యర్థి డిగ్రీ హోల్డర్ / 12 పాస్ / 10 పాస్ అయివుండి, బేసిక్ ఇంగ్లీష్ చదివి అర్థం చేసుకునే సామర్ధ్యం కలిగి ఉండాలి.


ఎంచుకున్న అభ్యర్థులు మా డెలివరీ వాహనంతో పాటు రిటైల్ దుకాణాలు, హోటళ్ళు మరియు రెస్టారెంట్లలో కూరగాయలను బట్వాడా చేయాలి.


టూవీలర్ కలిగి ఉన్న అభ్యర్థులకు ప్రాధాన్యం ఇవ్వబడుతుంది.

ఆండ్రాయిడ్ ఫోన్(4.4.2 ఆ పైన) కలిగి ఉండంటం తప్పనిసరి.


జీతము: నెలసరి 10500-12000 రూ||లు + ఇన్సెంటివ్స్

సంప్రదించవలసిన నంబరు మరియు చిరునామ:

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